“My teenage daughter and I started doing duets with Carol four years ago. Because of our schedules, we now each come for privates. Carol has changed the way I move and feel in my body – my upper back and thoracic area are stronger, which has eased the chronic neck and shoulder pain I had after too much time on the computer. Carol has a down-to-earth approach, and she really listens and tailors the sessions to each client’s physical needs. I have also worked with the other teachers in her studio, and they are all gifted practitioners — highly experienced, knowledgeable and fun! Carol has created a special community of staff and clients who love working with her.” -Amy



“There have been some great changes in two Carol B’s lives–Carol Bowen’s and mine.  Over the years, as friends and as Pilates teacher and most grateful student, I have witnessed the Carol Bowen Studio, after its inception, come immediately into full being, with Carol eagerly embracing, and accomplishing, the task of improving every individual under her care.  This attitude and it’s success has continued with each added instructor, each the best imaginable!  There is, among them, a shared Pilates philosophy and a sharing of varying techniques.  The outcome of this marvelous melding is a great benefit to the student, who is always the total focus of all the instructors’ efforts.  The betterment of the client, both physical and emotional–as these cannot be separated–is the sincere and only goal of all the wonderful instructors at the Carol Bowen Studios.” -Carol

“Carol Bowen saved my life.  When I began working with her over 4 years ago, I was losing inches in height, had a “hunch” in my back, had lost some mobility in my hips, my neck was tilting forward and I was depressed.  Today I am a straight-standing, calm 80-year old, who has not lost any more height.  I don’t know what I would do without her.” - Annette

“Carol and her team have truly changed my life!  Although I am not an old woman, after multiple surgeries and months of physical therapy, I was resigned to living with a pronounced limp, physical limitations and a great deal of pain.  Then I was referred to Carol and things started to change!  Her in depth knowledge of anatomy, questioning mind, healing hands and a real desire to understand the challenges of the individual have given me a renewed confidence and mobility.  I highly recommend Carol Bowen Studios to anyone who is looking to gain or maintain strength and mobility throughout a long and healthy life.” - Elizabeth