We work with clients of all ages...

Children as young as 10, and throughout their teenage years, can achieve dramatic and long lasting results from learning to move their bodies properly.  Carol Bowen started working with young people in 2009, initially as a request from an adult client whose son had a hypermobile joints and a family history of joint replacements.  Carol quickly realized that she loved working with young people, and began to develop methods for teaching her young clients in ways that were meaningful, fun and effective.  Young clients are particularly creative, and often “make up” their own variations of exercises that they instinctively realize are good for their particular body type!

Carol and her staff have now worked with many young clients, some to address specific issues and others to develop general fitness and healthy movement.  Some of the benefits have included:

  • Improvements in the “slumped” posture caused by heavy backpacks and computer use
  • Increased confidence in the child as he/she develops more coordinated and organized movements and core muscle strength
  • Decrease in pain caused by postural misalignments or lack of core muscle and/or gluteal strength
  • Improved performance in sports through learning healthy movement patterns and increasing strength and flexibility