Carol Bowen discovered Pilates after a 20 year career as a lawyer.  The stresses of practicing law and the passage of time caused her to develop back pain, knee problems, and other postural issues.  After taking Pilates for a short time, she was amazed at the rapid improvements in her body – and decided that the benefits of Pilates were just too awesome to keep to herself!  She began a journey of learning about the human body and movement and became a confirmed anatomy nerd.  She earned a Pilates certification in mat and equipment from the Kane School of Core Integration and has taken many workshops on specific topics such as bone density and osteoporosis, healthy biomechanics of the knee, shoulder and hip joints and their pathologies, connective tissue (fascia) and it’s function in healthy movement, scoliosis, the causes and treatment of back pain, and the integrated function of the psoas, diaphragm, pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles. She is currently delving deeper into somatic movement and the neuroscience behind the mind/body connection.   She founded her studio in 2009 to create a welcoming, positive, community-based space for all ages and body types to discover the benefits of mindful movement according to the Pilates movement principles.

David Schoolnik was first drawn to Pilates because he didn't want to be the only person in dance class with a pronounced slump. After receiving certifications through the Kane School of Core Integration and Polestar Pilates, he gained a deeper appreciation for movement mechanics and a passion for understanding how the human body can move with maximum ability and minimal pain. His practice revolves around those two core principles: ensuring that bodily experience is not hindered by pain; and increasing, step by step, peoples' ability to move with strength and grace. In his spare time, David enjoys running, hiking, kayaking, climbing, and all things nature. He is also a gardener who has successfully grown sweet potatoes and quinoa right here in the city. 




A native of Arizona, Lee Rayment has recently made New York his home after several years of nomadic wandering in Australia and New Zealand (also Tucson, AZ). An actor by training, Lee happened upon Pilates after having inexplicable knee pain at an uncomfortably young age. In Pilates, Lee found a coalescence of the movement modalities he had experienced over the years, from low-flying trapeze and ballroom dance to Balinese mask work. A recent graduate of the Kane School of Core Integration, he is excited to begin work helping to empower clients to live and move better in their bodies. In addition to his Pilates and acting work, he is also a photographer and avid crossword puzzle solver (but only the easy ones).