Welcome to our Pilates-based exercise community.  At Carol Bowen Studios, we are dedicated to helping our clients use the power of mindful exercise to transform their bodies, and thereby to effect positive change in their lives.  We have created a safe, positive environment in which clients get highly individualized attention from deeply knowledgeable staff.  Our exercise sessions are largely based upon the Pilates method of exercise, borrowing techniques from Yoga and other forms fitness conditioning.

All instructors at Carol Bowen Studios have completed a rigorous training program combining the classic principles of Pilates with a current, scientific information about the human body.  We have not just learned how to do exercises – we have learned why they work.  Through intensive study of anatomy, biomechanics, postural imbalances and common injuries, we are trained to use precautions, modifications and protocols to craft a successful, safe movement experience for each client.